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The Russian master in Geneva

Switzerland and in particular the Suisse Romande region has benefited to from Russian immigrants, even political refugees. There have been very  strong links between the countries which have both made huge contributions to each countries society including enriching arts programmes (film festival, concertos, exhibitions) and worked in various professions including architects, traders and jewellers. For example, the story of the founding of St. Petersburg is closely linked with the Swiss architect Domenico Trezzini, it’s his project to build the Cathedral of the Peter and Paul Fortress and Petersburg’s University.
Likewise, In 1854 the Russian Orthodox community founded the construction of an Orthodox Temple of Holy Cross in Geneva, “the main Russian city” in Switzerland. At present, all over Switzerland are dozens of Russian public and educational organizations and institutions.
The founder of “Cils de beauté” was born and educated in Moscow and is very familiar with the needs and requirements of Russian customers in self-care and beauty industry.
The Russian master of ”Cils de beauté” studio in Geneva – will offer you a full range of services  for the beauty of your eyes.


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