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Lash lift in Geneva and canton Vaud

Lamination technology is a relatively new procedure, was invented by  the Swiss permanent make-up artist Sandra Viglino. The innovative procedure that lifts the lashes and gives them the desired bending effect shocked the fashion industry in 2008.

Lash lift in Geneva and canton Vaud – it’s a great alternative to eyelash extensions  and chemical wave of eyelashes, especially customers who have shown individual intolerance to adhesive compositions for permanent waving.

The procedure of lash lift in Geneva and the canton Vaud is a salvation for owners of short, light or age drooping lashes. It is very important to point out idea that eyelash lift is a completely harmless treatment that saturates lashes with keratin and natural extracts and oils. Trust  professionals “Cils de beauté” and be irresistible to the tips of the lashes.


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