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Eyelash extensions in Geneva

At all times, the woman tried to achieve perfection of their look, regardless of age, cultural environment or habitat.  Applying make up ladies generally used  natural components and oils. The real breakthrough in the beauty industry was the invention of mascara in the mid-20th century by English  businessman  of French origin Eugene Remmel.

Shortly thereafter, the woman began to use false eyelashes, and only in the 2000s in Japan was developed a new technology called  “lash by lash”, which allowed to apply each lash individually and to achieve the perfect effect, natural, harmless to natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions in Geneva – this  is a procedure that allows women to feel more confident , regardless of time  and weather conditions , while bringing out  their individuality and natural beauty. Artificial  eyelashes are hardly difficult to distinguish from the natural , which is especially important , for example , for working women following office dress code.


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