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Eyebrow architecture in Geneva

Over the centuries, the fashion of eyebrows developed as a personal signature, often reflecting the peculiarities of a culture during a particular time. To draw lines, woman used coal and juice of usma. Fashion on the shape  of the eyebrows, as well as fashion in clothes, is constantly changing, so in the 20s of the 20th century “painted eyebrows,”  were in fashion,  so the girls inspired by the portraits and films with Marlene Dietrich, shaved their natural hair and drew new – perfect “eyebrow-strings”.
In the 80s fashion literally broke Super wide eyebrows, very natural and unrestrained. Photos of Brooke Shields and Madonna perfectly reflect the eyebrows and makeup trends of those years. 80s  are the  triumph of youth and sexual freedom. As you know, any fashion is cyclical and  gets back from time to time but  in a slightly different quality. So these days, back in fashion naturalness , the eyebrows look like been not touched by the master’s hand, broad, thick, rich color with a slightly raised.
Russian model and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova – a vivid example of fashionable eyebrows in the moment. Specialists of the studio “Cils de beauté ” are following up to date  trends and main innovations  in brow Industry . For our clients we offer a service “eyebrows architecture in Geneva.” This is – a non-invasive, painless method of selection of your individual shape of eyebrows, with subsequent  correction and permanent tinting.


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